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Expanding the Conversation about Sex Ed Reform

When we talk about sex education reform, the discussion is often a two-sided debate between teaching adolescents about sex or teaching them to wait until marriage. As of January 2015, only 19 states have a policy that requires their sex education programs to be “medically accurate,” the definition of which varies from state to state….

If You See Something, Check Yourself Before You Say Something

It might not be any of your business, and you might be misinterpreting what you are seeing. You may have seen the PetaPixel story about Wyatt Neumann’s photo exhibit and book, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR CHILDREN: The Sexualization of Innocence in America, which grew out of his experience traveling across the United States with…

Still Harmful to Minors

In 2002, Judith Levine wrote a prize-winning critique of sex-related laws called Harmful To Minors (Thunders Mouth Press). It provides a very carefully researched, clearly written argument that the laws we make in the name of protecting kids often does more damage than good. Dr. Joycelyn Elders, who was forced to resign her position as Surgeon General…

91 Bad Words About Young People and Prostitution: The New York Times Edition

It’s only 11 lines and 91 words, but most of them are bad. If you are looking for a clear, concise example of the wrong way to write about young people and prostitution, the story below is perfect. I’d have been angry about this piece of reporting anyway, but coming right on the heels of…

Nothing About Youth Without Youth

“Nothing about us without us!” That’s an organizing principle that I first learned when I started doing sex worker rights advocacy years ago. Then, last week, at the Detroit Youth Passages Youth Sexuality Media Forum, I was invited think about this powerful principle again. I had the honor of participating in two days worth of…

Detroit Youth Passages convenes experts to tackle problematic representations of youth sexuality issues in the media. And they invited me!

I’m excited to be representing Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance in my capacity as their Senior Strategist at a convening of youth, media makers, advocacy workers, writers and researchers all brought together by Detroit Youth Passages, a coalition including the University of Michigan School Public Health, The Ruth Ellis Center, The Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, and Alternatives…

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

From the Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Censorship, Joan Bertin: Censorship is all about controlling what people think and do by regulating what they know and say. Nowhere is this more evident than in the never-ending battles over speech about sex, sexuality and reproduction. As noted in this issue, kids are the main…

Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights: A Global Call To Action

Yesterday was International Day of Action For Women’s Health and a renewed push to ensure that every woman and girl has her right to bodily autonomy recognized worldwide. To mark the day the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights launched its Call for Action 2012: “Full Recognition of Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights! Recognise Reproductive Rights! Mobilise for…

An Open Letter to White People in the Sexuality/Sexology Field

Dear White People in the Sexuality/Sexology Field, I’m writing this letter regarding a particular interaction I recently had with a racially white person in the field. This person is planning a new program and project in which I was invited to be a part. I asked what the demographics were for this space, if there…

Sexting Bill in Florida – We’re Almost There

While we don’t believe “sexting” ought to be a crime in all instances, we are pleased to see that Florida is taking a more measured approach than most states.  Florida’s SB 888 creates the crime of “sexting”, the transmission of sexually explicit pictures, often by cell phone. But this bill is different from legislation in…

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Key Issues

  • Sex Work

    Sex Work

    Sex work refers to a wide range of activity where sexual interaction is explicitly exchanged for something of value.

  • Sexual Speech and Expression

    Sexual Speech & Expression

    WSFA firmly believes that human beings possess a fundamental right to develop and express their sexuality.

  • Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well being in relation to sexuality.

  • Integration of Sex and Religion

    Integration of Sex & Religion

    Sexuality and faith are two of the most deeply important and deeply personal aspects of human identity.

  • LGBT Rights

    LGBT Rights

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are entitled to the realization of the full spectrum of their human rights.

  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights

    Civil rights are one sub-set of human rights that exist equal to and interdependent with multiple fundamental human rights.

  • Reproductive Rights

    Reproductive Justice

    Grounded in the human rights framework, reproductive justice refers to all of the conditions necessary for all people to enjoy reproductive freedom.

  • Sexuality Education

    Sexuality Education

    Every human being deserves access to medically accurate and inclusive information about sex and sexuality.

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