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Countdown to SFS15: Sexuality and Spirituality

It’s almost here! We are less than one week away from the Woodhull’s 2015 Sexual Freedom Summit and we’re continuing our Summit Countdown to August 13th! We’re bringing you the Countdown to SFS15 series to make sure you know about every corner of the Summit. We want you to know about every fabulous speaker, workshop,…

Is the LGBTQ Movement All Sunshine and Rainbows?

In the two weeks since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, the world has witnessed a surge of rainbows. From our Facebook friends’ profile pictures to corporate advertising, the symbol of LGBTQ pride is everywhere. Some have been anxiously awaiting the removal of the rainbows. Peter Moskowitz recently wrote an opinion piece…

Will the Rachel Dolezal Story Be A Nail In The Coffin Of Identity Politics?

Last week the internet was on fire with the question “what makes a woman?” Over the last two days, the case of Rachel Dolezal, has shifted the focus to what makes a white woman, or what makes a black woman. We must not equate the acceptance of transwomen with the feigning of a racial identity,…

Oppression Is Not In the Interests Of The Children

Yet the state, and many citizens, use them as proxies in the fight to protect systems of privilege and oppression. Walter Scott may have been running from Officer Michael Slager, who shot and killed him on April 4, because he was afraid of going back to jail for failure to pay child support. Kim Brooks tells her own…

10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts (hint: frenzied misogyny)

This week the Georgia State Legislature debated a bill in the House that would make it necessary for some women to carry stillborn or dying fetuses until they “naturally” go into labor. In arguing for this bill Representative Terry England described his empathy forpregnant cows and pigs in the same situation. I have a question for…

Call for Submissions: New Views on Pornography: Sexuality, Politics, and the Law

One of the issues in the arsenal of weapons in America’s war on sex is pornography.  And one of the best defenses is a strong offense.  By compiling this collection, authors Lynn Comella and Shira Tarrant are taking tremendous, bold steps to bring the much-needed discussions out into the open in two accessible volumes. The…

Governing Sexuality the Changing Politics of Citizenship and Law Reform

“Governing Sexuality” explores issues of sexual citizenship and law reform in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe today. It uses same sex sexualities as a prism through which to explore broader questions of legal and political theory.

Hard Bargains: The Politics of Sex

Hard Bargains takes a forthright and level-headed look at all aspects of one of the biggest controversies in contemporary American society–heterosexual sex–and delivers a radically new perspective on the sexual lives of women and men.

Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality