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Countdown to SFS15: Family Matters Project

In just two short weeks on August 12th, sexual freedom fighters will gather in Alexandria, VA to educate, advocate, and strategize ways to make a sexually free future a reality. Pioneers of pleasure and freedom, like Nina Hartley and Buck Angel, will be there alongside novice activists to collaborate and learn from each other. We’re so…

Injustice In Iowa: Pleasure, Danger, and Dementia

You know that I’m working on a book about sexuality, aging, illness, and dying, and that it’s a mother-daughter memoir, and so you know that issues about parents’ sexuality and the care that hospitals and nursing homes afford them are important to me. Yesterday morning as I read the paper and sipped my coffee I came…

Oregon Legislators Say “No Toys For Teens”

Looking for a court challenge to obscenity laws?  Try Oregon, where the laws regarding exposing minors to obscenity are already so broad as to be hard to fit within the bounds of the constitution.  How bad are the current laws?  Currently, ORS Chapter 167, subsection 167.080, reads as follows: (1) A person commits the crime of…

Hartford Zoning Board to Family: Enter Servitude Or Move Out

I just read in the Hartford Courant that the city’s zoning board is forcing a family out of their home by upholding city official’s ruling regarding a ridiculous policy declaring that residents of a single-family home must be related by blood, marriage or servitude. The family, which is comprised of three couples, two with children,…

Without Sexuality-Affirming Education, Affirmative Consent Polices Are Destined To Fail

Campus sexual assault is a serious problem. It is not a new problem, not an emerging crisis, but rather a part of a serious ongoing problem of sexual assault and rape culture in the United States. Campus rape is the current moral panic about young people and sexual behavior. Women on college campuses are actually safer, statistically,…

Iron Cage of Irrationality in Laws Surrounding Life and Death

I’m pretty sure that when Max Weber wrote about the march toward increasing rationalization and disenchantment in modern societies that he didn’t anticipate the kinds of irrational and mysterious situations that advanced bureaucracies would produce. While he certainly understood that the efficiency that specialization and impersonality produce could also produce red tape and iron cages,…

Dangerous Intersections

Could a webcam model also be a paid escort and an active member of a “hookup” dating site?  Naturally, the answer is “yes,” but at what costs?  Blurring the lines between these adult-themed user categories creates an uncharted hybrid of legal exposure, for both, the individual model/escort and those operating the associated websites.  However, more…

The Criminalization of Rape Victims

Last week, the Nebraska Supreme Court upheld a decision that a woman from Kansas could be sent to jail if she refused to testify against the man she accused of sexual assault. The 24-year-old woman initially filed charges in August 2012 against a 63-year-old Nebraska man for sexually assaulting her when she was 7 years old. Last year,…

Call for Submissions: New Views on Pornography: Sexuality, Politics, and the Law

One of the issues in the arsenal of weapons in America’s war on sex is pornography.  And one of the best defenses is a strong offense.  By compiling this collection, authors Lynn Comella and Shira Tarrant are taking tremendous, bold steps to bring the much-needed discussions out into the open in two accessible volumes. The…

The Sunshine State: A Ray of Hope for Adult Content Producers

Mandatory Condom Law Spurs Potential Exodus from L.A. Area In late January, 2012, the city of Los Angles passed a landmark law requiring all adult content producers to mandate the use of condoms by performers as a condition for obtaining a filming permit.  This first-of-its-kind, mandatory condom law sent shock waves through the adult industry,…

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  • Sex Work

    Sex Work

    Sex work refers to a wide range of activity where sexual interaction is explicitly exchanged for something of value.

  • Sexual Speech and Expression

    Sexual Speech & Expression

    WSFA firmly believes that human beings possess a fundamental right to develop and express their sexuality.

  • Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well being in relation to sexuality.

  • Integration of Sex and Religion

    Integration of Sex & Religion

    Sexuality and faith are two of the most deeply important and deeply personal aspects of human identity.

  • LGBT Rights

    LGBT Rights

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are entitled to the realization of the full spectrum of their human rights.

  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights

    Civil rights are one sub-set of human rights that exist equal to and interdependent with multiple fundamental human rights.

  • Reproductive Rights

    Reproductive Justice

    Grounded in the human rights framework, reproductive justice refers to all of the conditions necessary for all people to enjoy reproductive freedom.

  • Sexuality Education

    Sexuality Education

    Every human being deserves access to medically accurate and inclusive information about sex and sexuality.

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