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Why become one of our sponsors? Well, your company’s support demonstrates your commitment to being a part of real, positive change for the LGBT community. And you’ll be playing a key role in advancing and respecting rights, protections and diversity inside and outside the workplace. Plus by marketing your products and services to our massive network of loyal donors and members, you’ll significant increase your visibility with the many diverse LGBT communities all over the country. (Plus all of our straight allies, too!)

Why become one of our sponsors? Sponsorship shows that you and your company or organization are committed to human rights, and to being a part of the change you want to see in our world. Plus it makes good sense. Your sponsorship gives you high visibility at the event, on the website all year-long, and introduces your company or organization to the vast sexual freedom movement.

Woodhull’s 2013 Sexual Freedom Summit is the only event of its kind in the sexual freedom movement, focusing on the State of Sexual Freedom in the United States, including legislative, policy and social change. The Summit provides both an educational and networking experience for all attendees. This national event features human rights activists, professionals from the legal and medical fields, authors, sexual freedom movement leaders and organizational partners all working toward the time when sexual freedom is fully recognized as a fundamental human right.

Organized by Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, the Summit attracts hundreds of participants from all over the country representing the breadth of issues in the sexual freedom movement including the right to family, LGBTQIA rights, reproductive justice, First Amendment law, sex work, sexuality education, and more!

This year we’re offering a variety of sponsorship opportunities, and you can get all the details right in this PDF. if you have any questions please contact Tess Danesi, Summit Co-Chair, at (914) 224-6212 or e-mail tess@woodhullalliance.org, or Ted Bernhardt, Director of Operations, at 239-398-7179 or e-mail ted@woodhullalliance.org

Sexual Freedom Summit