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Prohibition Politics: The Assault on Sexual Freedom

Deadline for Submissions (extended!): June 30, 2012
Notification Process Begins On/After July 10, 2012

Click here to submit your proposal.

Summit Dates:  September 21-23, 2012
Location:  Washington, DC

Submitting a Session Proposal

Thank you for your interest in submitting a workshop proposal for Woodhull’s Third Annual Sexual Freedom Summit, “Prohibition Politics: The Assault on Sexual Freedom.”

Please read this document thoroughly before going online to submit your proposal.

We strongly recommend that you have a draft of your proposal prepared before going online to submit your proposal. To submit a proposal, click here.

Below are general guidelines for submitting a workshop proposal.

Woodhull encourages the submission of proposals designed as panel presentations where there is an opportunity for substantive conference attendee participation in the dialogue. Because workshop sessions will only be 60 minutes, proposals with more than three panelists will be given lowest priority.

Session Format

70 Minute Presentation – Prepared presentations or trainings with stated and specific learning objectives. Workshops are teaching/learning sessions in which attendees gain useful information, advice, and technical assistance about a specific topic. Highest priority will be given to those proposals that include discussions of intersectional work and collaborative opportunities to create change.

Topic Areas

There are a wide variety of topics that fall under the umbrella of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. Woodhull seeks session proposals that include and reflect the perspectives, needs and priorities of our multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-abled, and multi-aged communities and movement.

Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit program will offer sessions that teach and train the essential skills to achieve social change. You will be asked to select for your proposed session one of the topic areas, listed below.

Topic Areas for Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit Workshop Proposals

  • Affirmation of Sexual Freedom
  • Aging and Ageism
  • Anti-Violence, including Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
  • Civil Rights
  • Commercial Sex Work
  • Disability and Access
  • Freedom of Sexual Speech and Expression
  • Fundamental Human Rights
  • Healthy Sexual Activity
  • HIV/AIDS and STDs
  • Human Rights
  • Integration of Sex with Religion
  • LGBT Rights
  • Meaningful Sexual Education
  • Protection of Personal Freedoms
  • Racial and Economic Justice
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Sexual and Gender Privacy
  • Sexual Freedom
  • Sexual Health
  • Women’s Rights

Presenter Policies

In order to keep conference registration fees at the lowest possible rate, we ask presenters to volunteer time and expertise at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit. If your proposal is accepted, in consideration of your service as a presenter, you will be able to register for the entire conference at a rate of $75. This registration rate is inclusive of all events with the exception of the VIP reception, travel or hotel expenses. The presenter registration rate is limited to two presenters per session.

After a proposal is accepted, presenters will be sent a presenter registration packet which includes a link to the online conference registration form.

Proposal Review

To submit a proposal, click here.

To have your presentation considered for inclusion in the conference, please complete the online submission form. The proposal should be submitted with:

  • Session title, for publication
  • Topic area in which the session best fits
  • a 150-200 word abstract which includes the learning objectives of the session, not for publication
  • a session outline that delineates how time will be used in the session and how audience participation and “real world” skills practice are to be included, not for publication
  • a 50-75 word description and any pre-requisites for attendees, suitable for publication in the conference program book
  • complete contact information for the person submitting the proposal and all presenters, not for publication

You will be notified of the status of your proposal beginning on or after June 10, 2012

We strongly recommend that you have a draft of your proposal prepared before going online to submit your proposal. To submit a proposal, click here.

Thank you for your interest in the Woodhull’s 3rd Annual Sexual Freedom Summit, “Prohibition Politics: The Assault on Sexual Freedom”.

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