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This section is a work-in-progress. ┬áThe goal is to provide free, downloadable information on sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. Our site contains Videos and Podcasts from events and special projects, as well as connections to our Partners and Other Resources – organizations, publications, an extensive bibliography, and tools beyond Woodhull – linking together, as one of the movement’s primary conveners and coalition builders, allies both within and outside of the human rights/sexual freedom framework.


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Coming Together: In Flux

Coming Together: In Flux

Coming Together: In Flux is a multi-author anthology of erotic fiction edited by Nobilis Reed.

The theme of this anthology is transformation of the body or mind. We’re not talking about something as easy as changing jobs, changing homes, or even becoming a lifestyle submissive. This is about what happens to your personal and sexual experience when your body or mind changes in some fundamental way, whether natural, artificial, or supernatural. Sales proceeds and related donations will benefit Woodhull.