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Affirming Sexual Freedom as a Fundamental Human Right

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Sexuality Education

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance believes that comprehensive sex education includes age-appropriate, medically accurate information on a broad set of topics related to sexuality, including human development, relationships, pleasure, decision making, cultural and religious differences, abstinence, contraception and disease prevention.

It addresses both genders and transgender, all orientations and disability, and teaches how alcohol and drugs can effect responsible decision making.

We believe that every human being deserves access to medically accurate and inclusive information about sex and sexuality. Many abstinence-only-until-marriage programs censor vital information and are not inclusive of information pertaining to LGB and non-gender-conforming people. We believe a lack of access to information about sex and sexuality is not only harmful and ineffective, as numerous independent, nonpartisan analyses have found, but contrary to the fundamental human right of sexual freedom.

We advocate for comprehensive, medically accurate and responsible education about sex and sexuality for young people and adults.

“Pushing misinformation about sex flies in the face of reality and fails to address young people’s health needs. Engaging in sex before marriage is the cultural norm and has been for decades. Nearly two-thirds of all high school seniors have had sex, and considering the high rate of teen pregnancy and STD transmission in the United States, the need for accurate information couldn’t be greater.”

-Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs Censor Vital Health Care Information, Jeopardizing Teens’ Health By Lorraine Kenny, American Civil Liberties Union


Key Issues

  • Sex Work

    Sex Work

    Sex work refers to a wide range of activity where sexual interaction is explicitly exchanged for something of value.

  • Sexual Speech and Expression

    Sexual Speech & Expression

    WSFA firmly believes that human beings possess a fundamental right to develop and express their sexuality.

  • Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well being in relation to sexuality.

  • Integration of Sex and Religion

    Integration of Sex & Religion

    Sexuality and faith are two of the most deeply important and deeply personal aspects of human identity.

  • LGBT Rights

    LGBT Rights

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are entitled to the realization of the full spectrum of their human rights.

  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights

    Civil rights are one sub-set of human rights that exist equal to and interdependent with multiple fundamental human rights.

  • Reproductive Rights

    Reproductive Justice

    Grounded in the human rights framework, reproductive justice refers to all of the conditions necessary for all people to enjoy reproductive freedom.

  • Sexuality Education

    Sexuality Education

    Every human being deserves access to medically accurate and inclusive information about sex and sexuality.

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