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Affirming Sexual Freedom as a Fundamental Human Right

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Family Matters Project


~ Woodhull is working closely with the attorney for the family of 11 in Connecticut facing eviction because they consider themselves a family.  Read about the case here:

~ Update 7/17/15:  The closing program at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit will be a Family Matters Roundtable moderated by Woodhull’s Executive Director, Ricci Levy.  Panel participants are John D’Emilio, Nancy Polikoff, Peter Goselin (attorney for the case referenced above), Monica Raye Simpson and Andy Izenson, attorney with Diana Adams Law firm.



Mission: To secure full rights, respect and recognition for all families by eliminating discrimination based on family structure.

Beliefs:   The right to family is a human right that has been acknowledged by the United States since 1948.  Family is the most fundamental unit of social organization, but families can take many forms. Families provide the primary care and support for members of society from birth through old age. In order to best support families in this work, societies must recognize the diversity of family forms and treat all as legitimate. 

Regardless of form, there are some assumptions that underpin our conception of family:

  1. Members of a family accept a degree of obligation to provide care for one another.
  2. Members of a family understand their connection to be lasting, not fleeting.
  3. Members of a family do have the right to separate themselves from that family despite the first two assumptions.
  4. Members of a family understand themselves to be members.