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Indulge yourself, your friends and partners from 7-10 PM on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14, with decadent delights to tickle your palate and stimulate your mind and all your senses in exploration of Erotica — the written, visual, and imaginary.

Woodhull’s Ricci Levy and VenusPlusx sex futurists Dan Massey and Alison Gardner are giving a good Washington, D.C. welcome to Erotica author Nobilis Reed, who is donating all sales of his newest e-book, Coming Together: In Flux, to advance the work of Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

Maybe you will bring along your earmarked favorite Erotica, or perhaps you are like Nobilis whose writing career was born of scribbling his naughty stories in hidden notebooks and has led to well-received novels, novellas, short stories, and the longest-running Erotica podcast in the world.

A stimulating discussion is sure to ensue, addressing the important role of Erotica in society (keeping us sex-positive and healthy, for one) and how we must protect individual rights to access and enjoy this ancient art form.

Co-Sponsored by VenusPlusX
Hosted by Dan Massey and Alison Gardner
1700 Kalorama Road, NW #502
Washington, DC  20009


or call 202-462-0048