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News for the ‘Sex and Politics’ Category

Dr. Susan Milstein Joins Woodhull as Director of Education and Outreach

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Susan A. Milstein as Director of Education and Outreach. Woodhull is the only organization working full time to secure recognition of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. “Susan Milstein has advocated for the right to personal autonomy – to make our decisions…

BREAKING: Single day & weekend registration now available for the Summit!

HAVE YOU REGISTERED YET? The Summit is coming!  The Summit is coming!  And it’s right around the corner! So many of you have emailed and messaged us to explain that you can’t attend for the full four days and you’d like us to do what we did last year and offer single day and weekend…

Civil Liberties Groups Condemn Government Attacks on Escort Service Providers – Cite First Amendment and Human Rights Concerns

We are categorically opposed to human trafficking. We strenuously oppose any measure that makes people more vulnerable to human trafficking. We also stand in opposition to measures that crush constitutionally protected civil liberties under the guise of combatting human trafficking. Increasingly, laws against human trafficking are being used as a pretext to trample civil liberties…

Human Rights Cup: Corporations=1, Human Beings=0

In a stunning (but not unexpected) decision, the anti-human rights, anti-sexual freedom Supreme Court of the United States affirmed sexual freedom for corporations and denied it to human beings. Not good. Very, very bad. The decision is not out of line with the way the Roberts’ court has found in most recent rulings, but certainly…

Sex Work, Sex Trade, Prostitution & Human Rights

In just 2 weeks, we’ll kick off the Summit (8/14-17) with an all-day Institute:   “Sex Work, Sex Trade, Prostitution and Human Rights!” In only 7 weeks, folks will come together from all over the country – in fact, the world – to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.  We’ve been counting down the…

Let’s Talk About the Summit Parties!

Work all day and PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY! at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit In just 9 weeks, you’ll be celebrating your sexual freedom each night at the Summit!    REGISTER NOW Join us Thursday night for the Rocky Horror Picture Show and pajama party – you now how much fun that’s going to be! Then spend your Friday…

Summit Countdown, 10 Weeks to Go!

REGISTER WHILE IT’S HOT (& trust us, it’s hot!) for Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit and in just 10 weeks, you’ll be doing sexual freedom like nobody’s business!    REGISTER NOW This is THE sexual freedom event of the year!  And you won’t want to miss it. There will be amazing, sexy, mindblowing conversations, social events where you can dance, dress up,…

Give OUT Today for Sexual Freedom!

Great news!  You don’t have to wait until Thursday – you can show your support for Sexual Freedom as a Fundamental Human Right this very minute!  And every donation helps us directly AND helps us claim our share of cash awards! Thursday, May 15th is Give OUT Day - the national day of giving to allies and to LGBTQ organizations across…

Chased Out By Chase?

Have you been chased as a customer of Chase Bank?? If you’re involved in the adult entertainment industry and you’ve been denied services, had your bank account closed, by JP Morgan Chase, we want to hear from you. And we’ve let JP Morgan Chase hear from us!  Woodhull has written to JP Morgan Chase and…

Call for Stories from the Polycule: Real Life in Polyamorous Families

Dr. Elisabeth Sheff is a member of Woodhull’s Advisory Council and is involved in our Family Matters Project.  This call for submissions is for her latest project, a collection of stories about real life polyamorous families. Are you a member of a poly family and willing to share your story (anonymously) with the world? Consider…

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Key Issues

  • Sex Work

    Sex Work

    Sex work refers to a wide range of activity where sexual interaction is explicitly exchanged for something of value.

  • Sexual Speech and Expression

    Sexual Speech & Expression

    WSFA firmly believes that human beings possess a fundamental right to develop and express their sexuality.

  • Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well being in relation to sexuality.

  • Integration of Sex and Religion

    Integration of Sex & Religion

    Sexuality and faith are two of the most deeply important and deeply personal aspects of human identity.

  • LGBT Rights

    LGBT Rights

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are entitled to the realization of the full spectrum of their human rights.

  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights

    Civil rights are one sub-set of human rights that exist equal to and interdependent with multiple fundamental human rights.

  • Reproductive Rights

    Reproductive Justice

    Grounded in the human rights framework, reproductive justice refers to all of the conditions necessary for all people to enjoy reproductive freedom.

  • Sexuality Education

    Sexuality Education

    Every human being deserves access to medically accurate and inclusive information about sex and sexuality.

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