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News for the ‘Sex and Politics’ Category

BREAKING: We’ve Got the Quick and Dirty Facts About #SFS16, August 4-7, 2016!

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance is thrilled to announce that we’ll be returning to the Alexandria Hilton Mark Center for the 7th annual Sexual Freedom Summit (#SFS16) from August 4-7, 2016. Mark your calendars! Just to give you a little insight, we’re excited to be returning to the Hilton Mark Center, a hotel intentionally committed…

The Pope’s Speech to Congress

Pope Francis is in DC today addressing Congress. Here are his remarks, as prepared for delivery.  Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members of Congress, Dear Friends, I am most grateful for your invitation to address this Joint Session of Congress in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. I would like to…

Why Planned Parenthood’s Funding is a Human Rights Issue

In a recent blog post, I talked about some ways to be an advocate for human rights. The overarching theme of these tips was to educate yourself in order to educate others. To keep up with that theme and our mission here at Woodhull to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right, we need…

The United States is NOT Above Human Rights Law!

Woodhull Freedom Foundation, as Chair of the US Human Rights Network (USHRN) Sexual Rights and Gender Justice Working Group, joins the Network in expressing, via this statement, our deep disappointment in the response of the US Government to the 343 human rights recommendations made during the 2015 Universal Periodic Review (UPR).   The UPR is based…

5 Ways to Advocate for Human Rights

As sexual freedom activists, there is never a question of the amount of work to be done. Two weeks ago we learned of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s raid on Rentboy.com (which some are calling the “Stonewall of Sex Work”). Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples,…

Rentboy.com Latest Victim in the Ongoing War Against Sex

Woodhull opposes recent arrests This morning, federal and state law enforcement officials conducted a raid against Rentboy.com  and arrested seven people associated with the website, charging them with prostitution and money laundering.   In June, 2014, Woodhull made the following statement after the FBI raid on MyRedBook.com. “This is a textbook example of prior restraint…

USHRN’s Statement on the State of Emergency of Anti-Trans Hate Violence

The US Human Rights Network (of which Woodhull is a member and, with SisterSong, chairs the Social Rights and Gender Justice Working Group) Coordinating Center extends our thoughts and prayers to the families and loved ones of the 18 transgender women, – primarily women of color, and specifically Black, – whose lives have been taken…

Countdown to SFS15: Summit Essentials

It’s Summit week and soon we’ll all be together learning, sharing, strategizing and doing lots of important work (and play!). You may have some questions about preparing for the Summit, so we thought we’d try to answer some commonly asked questions right here on the blog. Staying in-touch: Please live tweet and Instagram the Summit…

Countdown to SFS15: Sexuality and Spirituality

It’s almost here! We are less than one week away from the Woodhull’s 2015 Sexual Freedom Summit and we’re continuing our Summit Countdown to August 13th! We’re bringing you the Countdown to SFS15 series to make sure you know about every corner of the Summit. We want you to know about every fabulous speaker, workshop,…

Countdown to SFS15: Family Matters Project

In just two short weeks on August 12th, sexual freedom fighters will gather in Alexandria, VA to educate, advocate, and strategize ways to make a sexually free future a reality. Pioneers of pleasure and freedom, like Nina Hartley and Buck Angel, will be there alongside novice activists to collaborate and learn from each other. We’re so…

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Key Issues

  • Sex Work

    Sex Work

    Sex work refers to a wide range of activity where sexual interaction is explicitly exchanged for something of value.

  • Sexual Speech and Expression

    Sexual Speech & Expression

    WSFA firmly believes that human beings possess a fundamental right to develop and express their sexuality.

  • Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health & Rights

    Sexual Health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well being in relation to sexuality.

  • Integration of Sex and Religion

    Integration of Sex & Religion

    Sexuality and faith are two of the most deeply important and deeply personal aspects of human identity.

  • LGBT Rights

    LGBT Rights

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are entitled to the realization of the full spectrum of their human rights.

  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights

    Civil rights are one sub-set of human rights that exist equal to and interdependent with multiple fundamental human rights.

  • Reproductive Rights

    Reproductive Justice

    Grounded in the human rights framework, reproductive justice refers to all of the conditions necessary for all people to enjoy reproductive freedom.

  • Sexuality Education

    Sexuality Education

    Every human being deserves access to medically accurate and inclusive information about sex and sexuality.