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Justyn Ashley Hintze (PA)

Justyn Ashley Hintze

Justyn Ashley Hintze

Justyn engages and encourages discourse around sexuality everywhere she goes, as a Pleasure Revolution and Sexual Activist. She is the Deputy Director of Operations (currently on Sabbatical from August 2014 thru August 2015)  for Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, and had been focusing on getting both Woodhull and the Family Matters Project off the ground, flying. (Really! Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter!)

Justyn was previously on the board of the Women’s Center and a v-squad member for the f-word (not your mama’s feminism) at Florida State University, a Young People for the American Way fellow, an editor of regimens for the Southeast Review, she worked at Choice USA advocating for reproductive health, rights, and justice, and was a DC fem*ex facilitator. Justyn currently works on social media with progressive nonprofits at Rad Campaign, and is currently completing her MEd in Human Sexuality.

Justyn is an advocate for breaking down the gender binary, and just breaking stereotypes. As a queer lesbian dyke, Justyn is passionate about eliminating discrimination, and creating safe spaces to foster open, raw conversations.