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Beverly Dale (PA)

Beverly Dale, DMin is a Christian clergy who has spent most of her years of ministry helping people reconnect their spirits and their bodies as well as in confronting sex-negativity both in the Christian church and culture. Known as Rev Bev at the University of Pennsylvania where she was an ecumenical campus minister for 21 years, she was called by one faculty member “the conscience of the university.” As a straight ally she was known as an advocate for the sexual minority communities. It was during her term as co-chair of the Advisory Board of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Center, they initiated the inclusion of transgender into the Center’s mission, advocated that the University become more inclusive in its own policies relative to gender expression and identity, and oversaw the name change to become the LGBT Center. She was recognized by the Philadelphia Law Project for her work in passage of the Domestic Partnership Law in the city of Philadelphia.  In addition, as an avid feminist she served on the Advisory Board of the Penn Women Center and co-sponsored and facilitated partnerships that focused on women’s erotic empowerment. She is the co-founder of the Pennsylvania Clergy for Choice that is now an umbrella of another group she helped to found called the Pennsylvania Coalition for Reproductive Justice, an advocacy group of lay and religious leadership. In addition, she volunteers as a chaplain in the clinic of Planned Parenthood.

She promotes the use of individual conscience and personal discernment coupled with biblical principles as crucial elements in sexual decision-making and the faith journey because she believes that God always moves our boundaries outward. She has been presented workshops at polyamory conferences on “The Bible and Polyamory” and “Clear Conscience: Morality and Polyamory” and has provided spiritual direction for those in non–exclusive and non-heteronormative relationships.

Her work, called Passion Works, is as a consultant for Sexuality Ministry and Body Justice and takes the form of workshops, speaking, and performance. She is the playwright, director and performer of a one-woman show called “An Irreverent Journey from Eggbeaters to Vibrators” and has used those characters as stand-alone programs on sexual ethics, sexual abuse and violence, and sacred sexuality. She has published a number of articles and poetry on the topic of sexuality and faith.

She is ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with ecumenical partner status with the Philadelphia Association of the South East Conference of the United Church of Christ.

After receiving her Master of Science degree in sociology focusing on the sexual double standard from Illinois State University, Rev Dr Dale received her Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Chicago Theological Seminary.