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Families: Sources & Story Ideas for the Holidays, 2013

With so much of the work of Woodhull focused on the human right to family, we are pleased to be able to share a resource with you for those seeking to write stories or to reach out to experts on the various aspects of family during the holidays.  The resource is from the Council on Contemporary Families, an organization in which our Executive Director, Ricci Levy, is involved.

CONTACT: Stephanie Coontz
coontzs@msn.com / 360-556-9223

MIAMI, FL–Holidays are a great time for family fun. But they also pose many challenges for individuals and families, from coping with in-laws and former spouses, dating over the holidays, interfaith families, family rituals, and using technology to keep families together.

This time of year the Council on Contemporary Families fields many calls from journalists reporting on how families and individuals are coping. Below is a list of story leads from CCF researchers and clinicians you can contact. Our CCF fellows have identified a wide range of topics. They can offer background for stories or help you develop your ideas.

Click on the titles below to go directly to more information and the expert to contact for your story–and click here for the full release online:

Estranged at the Holidays: How to Cope With the Holidays When Your Kids Don’t Want to Be With You  


The Holiday Season and Non-Christian Families 


Holiday Rituals in History: Community, Not Family-Oriented, Holidays Used to be More Popular


Replacing Santa With the Easter Bunny–Or How to Avoid Jamming All the Holiday Fun into a Few Stress-filled Days 


Using Technology to Maintain Relationships During the Holidays


Interfaith Families and Holidays 


Holidays After Divorce


Coming Out or Living Out Over the Holidays


November is National Adoption Month: Family Diversity and the Holidays


The Families We Choose at the Holidays


Handling Gifts for Children at the Holidays


Not Home for the Holidays


Stay Healthy During the Holidays


Exes and the Holidays


Holiday Blues and Blahs


For Divorced Parents: Making your Children Feel Safe and Cherished Without Engaging in a Consumerist Arms Race


Aging and the Holidays


Complicated Family Forms


Boomer Divorces and Adult Children at the Holidays


Women with Stepchildren Face Unique Holiday Challenges


Celebrating the Holidays During Tough Times


For Holiday Family Letter and Card Writers


How to Keep Your Sex Life Alive During Hard Economic Times and Stressful Holiday Planning


Family Storytelling at the Holidays


Talking Politics at Family Gatherings


Privilege Is Nothing New, but Privileged Parenting Is! 


Interfaith Families During the Holiday Season


Stepfamilies and Holidays


Food and Family


Families with Older Adults Over the Holidays


Dating Over the Holidays


Adult Children Living at Home Over the Holidays


Affection and Stress in the Family


The Council on Contemporary Families, based at the University of Miami, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of family researchers and practitioners that seeks to further a national understanding of how America’s families are changing and what is known about the strengths and weaknesses of different family forms and various family interventions.

The Council helps keep journalists informed of notable work on family-related issues via the CCF Network. To join the CCF Network, or for further media assistance, please contact Stephanie Coontz, Director of Research and Public Education, at coontzs@msn.com, cell 360-556-9223.

The CCF Annual Conference is Coming Up!

CCF’s 17th anniversary conference will take place on April 25-26, 2014, at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida:  Families as They Really Are: How Digital Technologies Are Changing the Ways Families Live and Love. For details visit:  http://www.contemporaryfamilies.org

Follow us on twitter: @CCF_Families and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/contemporaryfamilies