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64 Days focuses on Voting, Healthcare, and Housing Rights

Woodhull is a proud member of the US Human Rights Network where we Chair the Sexual Rights and Gender Justice Working Group.  This campaign is shared here and on the US Human Rights Network website – a treasure trove of human rights resources and up-to-the minute information!

Voter suppression in the U.S. threatens the fundamental right to cast a ballot. Although it takes many forms, the 2011 legislative sessions witnessed states across the country passing voter identification and other laws designed to restrict access to voting.

As we continue our 64 Day Campaign for Human Rights to raise awareness of the organizations promoting human rights and domestic human rights issues, this week we highlight seven organizations defending voting, housing, and healthcare rights.

With the presidential and important local elections tomorrow, we encourage everyone to vote. As you cast your ballot tomorrow also check out the organizations in our 64 Day newsletter who will continue to defend human rights after the elections. You can also follow, share and retweet daily on  Facebook and Twitter!