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Marriage Equality - Step One!

One step toward the right to family... Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance applauds the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States in favor of the freedom for anyone who wishes to marry to do so. ...

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BREAKING: Summit Scholarships for Bloggers!

Thanks to some fabulous generosity on the part of  Tantus, Inc. and NJOY Toys, if you are a blogger who wants to cover Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit, we've got a few registration scholarships available for you!   Interested? Apply ...

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We've got SEX & Aging & a SEXy SAR

There's no better place on earth to get your continuing education credits than at the Sexual Freedom Summit! Start early with Drs. Patti Britton and Robert Dunlap and their world-renowned (yes - literally world renowned!) Sexual ...

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VIPs and Vickis!

Saturday at the Summit is all about celebrating our 2015 Vicki Sexual Freedom Award recipients: John D'Emilio, Monica Raye Simpson, and Diego Miguel Sanchez. Work hard all morning, then join us for lunch to hear these three amazing people talk ...

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Two early 1980s Lego ads showing children dressed in gender neutral clothes with Lego creations they designed themselves.

What Makes A Woman? What Doesn't!

There is no single answer to the question “what makes a woman.” Women are not born women. They are born babies, and many of those babies are assigned as female then raised as girls. Some are not. Some ...

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Sex & Politics
Sex & Politics
Countdown to SFS15: Sexuality and Aging

We are less than a month away from Woodhull’s 2015 Sexual Freedom Summit! We’re thrilled that it’s almost time to share a weekend full of provocative thinking, maybe a little provocative dancing, and some collaborative activism in the fight towards sexual freedom. Just in case you aren’t already counting down the days until August 13th…

Guest post by Gwendolyn Rosen
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Sex & the Law by Lawrence G. Walters, Esq.
Sex & the Law
The War on Porn Rebranded as the War on Sex Trafficking

On October 8, 2014, ThinkProgress.com declared the end to the War on Porn. The censors had lost and erotic media would live on.  One sign that the war had been lost was the fact that annual contributions to the well-known anti-erotica group, Morality in Media, had dwindled from over $1 million dollars in 2001 to just…

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Sex in the Public Square by Elizabeth Wood
Sex in the Public Square
Will the Rachel Dolezal Story Be A Nail In The Coffin Of Identity Politics?

Last week the internet was on fire with the question “what makes a woman?” Over the last two days, the case of Rachel Dolezal, has shifted the focus to what makes a white woman, or what makes a black woman. We must not equate the acceptance of transwomen with the feigning of a racial identity,…

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